(in development)

Created by Leonie Bell

“MMMMMMMMMMMM: we enter into a possibly-mystical trilogy about a young woman named Maria. Maria considers her sudden, immaculate pregnancy, accidentally enters a cult, and meets other Marias just in time for a very pregnant jam session. Maria and the Marias hypothesize the impossibility of a future they can’t control and wonder what you call a childless mother. Maria invites you into her thirst in this drought. At the end of the day she can’t remember, she might try to adopt you at the request of her son.”

*This project was developed at La MaMa Umbria International’s Next Generation Residency Program (2017) and The Tank, a New York City home for emerging artists (2018).

**Performers: Rosanna Lindmarker & Owen Laheen (2017), Hannah Mitchell & Layla Wolfgang (2018)


La Mama Umbria 2017