Private Investigator is an absurdist performance collective that specializes in pre-show/party con- and insult-ations, mass dances, pilgrimages, live music sermons, and private investigations of highly cl(ass)ified confidentialities. 

Private Investigator was originally co-created by vaudeville-pastor-detectives Leonie Bell and Maria Camia during their stint at the Sarah Lawrence College Graduate program and has since then expanded into the vast universe of collaborative performative sleuthing. 


*Private Investigator and the Science of the Bees and But(t)s | Dixon Place | May 2018

*Private Investigator and the Soft Blanket Blabaret | Dixon Place | March 2018

*Private Investigator and the Cosmic Heavenation (aka I.C.U.P.) | Dixon Place | December 2017

*Private Investigator (Rat Queen Theatre Company Party) | MayDay Space | October 2017

*Private Investigator: A Pilgrimage | Sarah Lawrence College | April 2017

*Private Investigator: Take One | Sarah Lawrence College | January 2017

To book an appointment to find your lost grandmas, page us at private.investigator.party@gmail.com

You can also drink us at www.instagram.com/private.investigat0r or www.facebook.com/private.investigat0r