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MAMIMUMU PROMO PIC with title (300 dpi).jpg

MAMIMUMU as part of the 2020 Exponential Festival
Created and performed by Leonie Bell with the audience

“This is a fake scientific experiment about the relationship between hoarders and airplanes. This is the nostalgizing and repurposing of memories to avoid misanthropy. This is immersive fan-fiction about the trips our parents went on. Don’t worry, snacks will be provided.”

*Created with the support of the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation Founders-Artist-Residency Program

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SchmidtSmithSchmidt: Premiere at the Brick (September 2020)

Written and performed by Leonie Bell

“Susi lives in a pre-fab, post-wall, past-tense apartment surrounded by porcelain cats and Mama’s hoarding tendencies of husbands and household items. Susi wants to be Brandy and find her Papa who fled West to become the all-American Dad. Rope is jumped, polka music plays, and dream realities crash into each other at acute angles.”

*Created with the support of the La Mama Umbria Writers Residency Program